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Thermal Oil Boilers vs. Traditional Steam Methods – Commercial Vaporizer Coil

Business owners who are considering adding a new type of heating system to their industrial location should consider the benefits of a thermal oil boiler, which utilizes a vaporizer coil to carry a specialboiler fuel oil to various parts of the system. This method can be used to heat buildings, keep tanks warm, and much more.

While traditional steam methods can be a great choice for many different applications, hot oil can sometimes be a safer and more cost effective choice. These benefits should be considered when making a final determination between the two system types.

Benefits of a Thermal Oil Boiler Over Traditional Steam Methods

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing a thermal oil boiler over a traditional steam method is that the oil does not heat at the same temperature as steam, but produces a similar heating result as it passes through a hot oil vaporizer coil. This lower temperature keeps the heating equipment safer for workers, often reducing the risk of catastrophic burn injuries and/or unnecessary OSHA claims.

As a second reason to opt for oil over steam, there is often less corrosion to the vaporizer coil itself with a thermal oil boiler, where steam often damages any metal tubing used in the system over time. This can lead to costly repairs and replacement of parts after a few years. With a hot oil system, corrosion is often minimized.

A third benefit to opting for a thermal oil boiler is the price of overall investment costs. Pipe and fittings for traditional steam heating units are often 30 to 40% higher than with oil-based units, both at the time of initial erection and later during maintenance.

Another reason to consider a thermal oil boiler is that it is a pressure-less system, unlike traditional water-and-steam models. This allows operation to be much easier for workers and does not require an abundance of training for them to turn the system on and off, if necessary. In fact, these types of systems can also be used automatically, without the need for any intervention by workers on a daily basis, except during routine maintenance operations.

While traditional steam heating methods do have their merits, it is easy to see why many industrial firms are opting to utilize a hot oil thermal boiler system within their equipment setups.

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