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The Different Facets of Pipe Rolling and Why You’ll Want Professional Assistance

Pipe rolling is a science, one that has been practiced and modified dating back many years as the machinery and tools improved. The process normally begins with loading a pipe into a pipe bender before clamping it into place between multiple dies and a clamping block.

The machine will use mechanical force to push pipe against a die, which makes the pipe conform to the shape of it. There are multiple dies in any bending machine.

But as the cliche goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, or in this case, roll a pipe. Below you will find several different processes of pipe manipulation:

  • press bending
  • roll bending
  • heat induction
  • rotary draw bending
  • three-roll push bending

Of course, there are many more methods, and many do-it-yourself experts have acquired the tools necessary to roll or bend pipe on their own. But while the machinery exists, this is by no means an easy practice. There are tangible consequences for your material if these processes are not done right.

Without the proper materials or technique, your pipe and machinery could incur deficiencies such as:

  • roll wear
  • straightness
  • kinks in the pipe
  • end-flare
  • cumbersome set-up

The obvious reason to do it at home instead of calling us is to save money, and we couldn’t agree more. But the consequences of poor tools and materials can end up wasting more money and time than you had anticipated.

It might be best to do some due diligence, gather a few quotes and see why choosing a professional could be the quickest, most affordable option. At BEND-IT, INC.., we’ve built our reputation on providing quality materials in a timely, reliable manner.

We like to think of pipe rolling as an art form. There are a lot of intricacies that go into pipe bending, rolling, pipe coiling, and other forms of pipe manipulation. We have the ability to bend pipe up to 8” at 45°, 90° or 180° bends. If we have the right die, we can handle any custom bend you may need.

Rolled pipe traditionally has more gradual curves and longer arcs; you’ll want your materials to be of high-quality for the best finish. We can use just about any material including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and exotic materials.

Many of our existing customers cite us for our focus on customer satisfaction, a tribute to our emphasis on transparency and prompt response. If you’re in need of quality, trusted pipe rolling, we are an advantageous option.