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Pipe Rolling Can Lead To Employee Injuries

Pipe rolling may be a necessity within your industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s the safest thing for you and your employees to be doing. Between the bulk of the equipment as well as the many risks of using the equipment, your employees are constantly at risk.

There are common stats from OSHA that can tell you how many workplace injuries and deaths there are throughout the year. While your company may not be part of the statistics, there is always the possibility.

If you don’t create your own rolled pipe, what are your alternatives? You could hire a company do to all of the pipe rolling for you so you eliminate the risk from your company entirely. You simply find a supplier that will do all of the rolling and bending for you. You define the specifications and have the pipe delivered to you. This eliminates the need to have the equipment on premises and you don’t need to focus on training employees to use the equipment.

If you choose to do the rolling on your own, you need to invest in some personal protective equipment. If you don’t supply your employees with this and there is an injury, you could be up against a very large lawsuit. As an employer, you have an obligation to create a safe working environment.

For each accident that happens on premises, your worker’s compensation insurance is going to go up. If there are multiple accidents, it may end up being such a large expense that you have to shut down your operations because you can no longer afford to stay in business.

All of this can be avoided by not doing the pipe rolling on property. You can eliminate the equipment and therefore the constant upkeep of the equipment. You won’t have to invest in PPE nor will you have to worry about the actual training of the employees on the pipe rolling machines. You can simply focus on what it is you need and submit the order to a pipe bending company.

When you choose to work with a company, you can specify all that you need. This includes the type of metal, the various angles and even the treatment of the pipes and tubes. When the order is processed, you can begin working with it on property. This can save you time and labor – and ensure you can begin working with the parts immediately instead of having to manipulate them further.

It’s important to work smarter instead of harder. Pipe rolling is not something that you have to do on your own. If you can eliminate this process from your operations, your employees will feel safer and you may even be able to reduce the cost of your worker’s compensation insurance.