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Pipe Rolling and Your Business

If you need pipe rolling completed for your business, Bend It, Inc., can help. With the right pipes, you can make sure your industrial products stand up to a Texas windstorm or other natural disasters. At Bend IT, Inc., you can have custom-made pipes bent to your specifications. This means you’ll have quality hardware that can stand up to anything you need to do while manufacturing.

Steel pipes are hollow tubes that are used for a variety of purposes across all sectors of business. You may have small pipes in the home, or you could use long, large pipes in an industrial setting. You can select to have either a welded pipe or a seamless pipe depending on your needs. To have your pipe rolled, the steel must be cast into a starting form and then stretched into a tube. Rolled tubes are usually known as welded pipes, since they are welded at the seam. Stretching allows the tube to be made without a seam if you so desire.

These steel pipes are perfect for use for the transportation of gases and liquids. They can be used for the protection of wiring or in smaller uses, like home plumbing systems. In industrial settings, you might use the pipes in agriculture or oil refineries to transfer water or oil to a new location where it can be used to water plants or cleaned for use in the gas industry.

Pipe rolling can be completely custom, which is why it’s perfect for your piping needs. You can get pipes bent at 8, 45, 90, 180, or other preferred bends when you choose Bend It, Inc. With sophisticated equipment and the ability to trim, bevel, and adjust your pipes, they’ll be able to stand up to any storm or weather event you come into contact with.

Defective products can lead to damages and problems that could affect your output and energy sources. There isn’t room for mistakes in industries like those that deal with aerospace, oil fields, chemical plants, or other refineries. Because of this, you should choose a company that can make pipes that fit your machines and standards perfectly.

Bend IT, Inc., offers angle rolling, channel rolling, leg-in and leg-out rolling, and other styles of pipe rolling. You can select to have pipes rolled with flanges in or out, flat-bar rolling, I-beam rolling, and square tube rolling. Whether you need an awkwardly shaped pipe or one that matches a traditional port, Bend IT, Inc. has the solution you’re looking for.