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Bend-IT, INC., Offers High-Quality Davit Arms

Davit arms are built to help lower things over the edge of a long drop off, like over the side of a boat for lifeboats, and they can also be used to hold onto things as you travel or when you need to work on them. These arms might be used on cargo ships or passenger vessels. In industry settings, the arm may be used to hold items in place as they are worked on, like in the case of pipe creation and laying. The arms come in many different sizes, and you can also order custom-made arms for pipes that are of an odd size or shape, making your job much easier to complete.

These arms are perfect for use when you want to hold up blind flanges for openings on pressure vessels, or you can use them to suspend items while they’re being connected or worked on. This is ideal for situations where you’re performing cold bending, since you want the steel or pipe to be secure and to be bent precisely.

Bent-IT, Inc., offers davit arms of many sizes. They offer custom pipe-bending services that meet the objectives of a customer’s project. These arms will effectively hold items while a job is being finished, and they are inspected to be sure they are of the highest quality. With the arm holding the pipe, workers can fix pipes with structural damages, complete cold bending exercises, and work on other tasks without having to worry about the pipe’s security.

Bend-IT, Inc., produces davit arms in pipe sizes ranging from 8 feet to 80 feet, so you can find one that will be strong enough for the task at hand. The arms can be altered to suit the size and needs of any project, and they can be manufactured to your specifications, so no task will be too great or small. Each arm is created with precision and with the final needs of your project in mind, so they are carefully designed to suit your needs. The company has been in the field for over 20 years and creates davit arms that are up to the industry standards. Every supervisor and most bending and metal fabricating technician at Bend-IT, Inc., has more than 15 years of experience with pipe bending, heating, and cooling coil fabrication.

These arms are just one of the specialties produced by Bend-IT., Inc., and the company also produced carbon steel pipe coils, jacketed coils, and can complete tasks like channel rolling with flanges in or out. If you have specialty requirements that you need help with, contact Bend-IT, Inc., for information on how they can help you find the products you want and complete the tasks you need to finish.