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3D Bends Are So Important

Throughout your industry, you have pipes that need to be bent in various ways to aid the flow of liquids. Whether you are in plumbing or you are in an industrial setting, you know the importance of bending pipes to fit your needs. You may be doing the bends on your own or you may be contracting it out. 3d bends are important to obtain and finding someone who knows how to do it is critical to your operations.

Many people are often confused about 3d bends because of the name. They hear “3d” and immediately think of 3-dimensional. This is not accurate because a pipe is already 3-dimensional. It has to do with the bend in relation to the diameter of the pipe. The centerline of the bend would be three times more than the diameter.

If you have a pipe that is six inches in diameter, then the centerline would be 18 inches with a 3d bend. If you require 5d bends, then the centerline would be 30 inches, or five times the amount of the diameter.

Only you can determine how much you need the pipe to bend. You have to look at your operation and determine if you want one pipe to be bent to fit the design or if you want to use connectors. Connectors are not always the way to go because they can loosen and leak the fluid that you are trying to transport, which can cause a mess and lead to safety incidents.

If you decide that you want 3d bending, there are hot and cold bending methods that can be used. One will be used over another depending upon the strength of the metal so you don’t have to worry about fractures. Often, cold bending is used because it doesn’t weaken the metal.

What method you use for the 3d bends often depends on the alloy. If you don’t know a lot about the metal properties and you simply need to have the pipes bent to a certain degree so that they work within your operations, it can be best to contract the work out so that it is one less thing for you to worry about.

The bends are critical and you need them, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do the work on your own. Take the time to find a company that will work to your specifications. This will allow you to get the pipes delivered to your facility already bent to the degree in which you need them. You will be more productive as a result and you won’t have to worry about equipment or training on the equipment to do any of the bending.

Once you get the pipes, they can be incorporated into your operations so that you can move fluid as desired.