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Sometimes industries need heating and cooling applications for a medium amount of heat transfer as opposed to a large amount. Serpentine coils are perfect for transferring this amount of heat. They are usually made with six to eight vertical runs of tubing evenly spaced around a vessel’s perimeter. It takes a special company to produce serpentine coils the right way and fast. Bend-IT, Inc. has been providing serpentine coils to industries in need for more than 20 years and should be you’re one and only stop when you need them done and done right. We have coil fabricators with an average of 15 years experience, plus our president, Tom Young, has 30 years experience in the business just by himself. Bend-IT, Inc. will produce serpentine coils with brackets, fittings, flanges and more.

Many in various industries have come to rely upon Bend-IT. Inc. because we have proven over the years that we can produce quality custom metal bending and coil fabrication fast. Whether it is serpentine coils, helical coils , custom made coils or whatever, we have the experience and the equipment to meet the demands. It is important to be sure that the coils we produce are capable of transferring heating or cooling properly because if not, then disaster could result. We ensure that each job we undertake will produce the best results and we have built our reputation on taking a proactive approach to any order we are given. Because of this, many refer to us as one of the best pipe bending companies in existence.

Bend-IT, Inc. also is experienced in custom metal bending. We provide:

Angle rolling: Leg in and leg out
Flat-bar rolling: Easy way and hardway
Channel rolling: Flanges in or out as well as hardway
I-beam rolling: Easy way and hardway
Square tube rolling
and more…please call or email your request

The facility at Bend-IT, Inc. is easily accessible so companies can get in and out with no problems. Also, if you need us to ship serpentine coils, we can package them and ship them to just about anywhere in the world. We have provided quality custom metal bending and coil fabrication services to industries along the Gulf Coast, east Coast, West Coast, Northern United States, Central America, Canada as well as many of the South American countries. There are no boundaries for Bend-It, Inc. when it comes to providing custom metal bending services.

For more about our serpentine coils or just to get a quote about pipe bending in Houston, call us at 888-805-1734, fax 713-991-0827 or send an email to sales. Tom Young, Bend-IT, Inc. president, will also listen to your comments through either email or telephone. You can reach him at the same number or send an email to president.

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