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Bend-IT, Inc. Does Bending Stainless Tube Right and Right Now

For bending stainless tube done right and fast, Bend-IT, Inc. is the first and only option you should consider. When it comes to bending stainless tube, Bend-IT, Inc. has both the experience and equipment to make sure it gets done right. We also focus on delivering a viable product to our customer with 100% customer compliance and 100% on time delivery. Time is not always a luxury when you need a company knowledgeable and dependable when bending stainless tube, so we react in a proactive manner for each and every request and order we receive.

Bend-IT, Inc. can bend seamless and welded stainless tube. When required, all bending orders are checked and recorded for compliance with the proper specification for your unique circumstance for wall thinning, ovality, hardness and integrity. The mandrel will help reduce the material tubing from collapsing and wrinkling. If you need circular bending stainless tube, we can use a ring roll bender to the best possible product for your requirement. Bend-IT, Inc. also has the capability to perform 2D, 3D or 5D bends for bending stainless tube.

Sometimes our customers require us to perform more elaborate jobs and we do our best to meet the challenge. We can use a rotary draw bending machine if you need bending stainless tube for petrochemical, refinery, oilfield and aerospace industries to name a few. By using rotary technology, Bend-IT, Inc. can produce bends make sure the diameter stays within your specific bending specifications. We can also provide bending stainless tube and pipe up with an outside diameter of 8.75″.

Bend-IT, Inc. has earned a reputation as one of the best pipe bending companies because of our ability to comply with customer specs and deliver products on time and fast. With 20 years of experience, we have proven to be able to meet the demands of the aerospace, oil-field, and petrochemical industries. We are 100 percent in delivery time and customer compliance. And this is not just for pipe bending, but for coil fabrication as well. We can fabricate pipe coil in many different types of configurations such as helical coils , serpentine coils , half pipe custom fitted coils for vessels, jacketed coils, cone configurations, and head configurations (good for pressure vessels and refinery tank processes).

We at Bend-IT, Inc. know transportation is always a concern and you can trust that there is never a need for concern when shipping anything to and from our facility in Houston. Our company services businesses all over the world including places like:

The Gulf Coast
The East Coast
The West Coast
Northern United States
Central America
South America

For more information about bending stainless tube or for a quote, simply give us a call at 888-805-1734, fax 713-991-0827 or send an email to sales. Tom Young, Bend-IT, Inc. president, will also listen to your comments through either email or telephone. You can reach him at the same number or send an email to president.

Bend-IT, Inc. Bends Stainless Tube Quickly and Correctly

When it comes to bending stainless tube, your company requires a partner that is able to get the job done right and get the job done on time. Time really is money, and late deliveries really can put a dent in your supply chain as well as your bottom line.If you are looking for a partner that can bend stainless tube quickly and correctly, then you need to look no further than Bend-IT, Inc.

When you need custom metal bending done right…and you need it done right now…your best bet is to Send It to Bend-It, Inc.

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