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Pipe rolling is where pipes are formed into either arcs or curves with a specific radius by using a metal bending process. It is slightly different from pipe bending with more gradual curves and larger arcs or rings. If you are in need of pipe rolling, Bend-IT, Inc. is the only place you should consider. We have the experience and capabilities to perform pipe rolling or just about any custom metal bending using many varied types of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and exotic materials.

When you come to Bend-IT, Inc. for pipe rolling, you will end up with a custom made product that will far exceed your expectations. We can bend pipe up to 8” at 45°, 90° or 180° bends. Bend-IT, Inc. can form any radius bend you need using our sophisticated equipment, providing we have the correct die for your request. It does not matter if you need a centerline radius bend, an outside radius bend or an inside radius bend, the bending experts at Bend-IT, Inc. will produce pipe rolling fit to your specs and without any errors. However long you need the arc length for pipe rolling, just give us the specs and we’ll make it to order. We are capable of producing pipe rolling with full rings and we leave the ends long or trimmed. Also, we can even trim and bevel the ends if needed. Destructive testing and non-destructive testing for pipe rolling is available at Bend-IT, Inc. as well.

We know that you cannot afford to have a defective product and we strive to deliver the best product possible. We deal with industries where there is little room for mistakes. Aerospace, oil-field, refinery and petrochemical industries come to us all the time asking for rolled pipe and we make sure it is manufactured to their specific demands. As a result, we have earned a solid reputation as one of the quality coil fabrication and pipe bending companies.

Custom pipe rolling is one of the many custom metal bending options we offer at Bend-IT, Inc. We also offer angle rolling: leg in and leg out; channel rolling: easy way with flanges in or out and hard way; flat bar rolling: easy way and hard way; I-beam rolling: hard way and easy way; square tube rolling; round pipe and tube rolling and pipe bending up to 8" sch 80. Our metal bends can be packaged for shipping to all corners of the Earth.

If need a company that delivers on pipe rolling, make Bend-IT, Inc. your first and only stop. For more information about pipe bending in Houston from Bend-It, Inc. call 713-991-0745, fax 713-991-0827 or send an email to . Tom Young, Bend-IT, Inc. president, is more than happy to listen to your comments and you can call him at the same number or send an email to .


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Excellence in Pipe Rolling Found at Bend-IT

Excellence in pipe rolling can be found at Bend-IT, Inc. as this pipe bending houston company has spent more than two decades ensuring that clients receive products which are always high quality and always on time. Quality is central to Bend-IT, Inc., but it's also important to recognize this company's commitment to on-time delivery.

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There’s No Denying Bend-IT, Inc.’s Pipe Rolling Expertise

[Posted on Feb 20]

Whether your company has been disappointed by current custom metal bending suppliers or you are simply in need of diversifying your supply base, there is one established pipe rolling firm out there whose expertise can’t be denied. Bend-IT, Inc. rises head and shoulders above the competition as far as quality, on-time delivery, and customer service are concerned.

No matter the structural shape or material involved, you’ll be able to count on Bend-IT, Inc’s pipe rolling expertise. With two decades of satisfying customers’ rolled pipe needs, there’s no question you can put your trust in our solutions. When first considering a pipe rolling firm, it’s important to understand whether or not that firm can fulfill your orders in a high quality, cost-effective, and speedy manner. By partnering with Bend-IT, Inc. you can expect that we’ll consistently provide you with high quality solutions in as speedy a manner as possible. In fact, it’s likely that our firm provides the fastest turnaround times in the industry! Whether you’re in need of solutions which require hot bending, cold bending, stainless tube bending, 3D bends, 5D bends, or another type of bending solution, you can bet that we’ll fulfill your order much faster and with higher quality than the competition! Thanks to our commitment to high quality and speedy turnaround times, Bend-IT, Inc. continues to remain successful and the go-to custom metal bender for its established customers.

Bend-IT, Inc. is a pleasure to work with! If you’ve ever had the experience of trying to work with an unresponsive or uncooperative supplier, then you know just how frustrating such a business relationship can be. But when it comes to customer service, there is perhaps no better rolled pipe company out there that can match Bend-IT, Inc. We always put our customers first, and whether you need a status update or would like to visit our facilities, we’ll always be happy to accommodate your needs.

Partner with Bend-IT, Inc. for high quality pipe rolling solutions delivered on-time! You can learn more about all of our high quality custom metal bending solutions by simply continuing to browse through the rest of the Bend-IT, Inc. website. If you have any specific questions regarding our company or our pipe rolling solutions, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly by either phone or email.

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Excellence in Pipe Rolling Found at Bend-IT

When you need custom metal bending done right...and you need it done right now...your best bet is to Send It to Bend-IT!

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