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Bend-IT, Inc. specializes in bending and fabricating heating and cooling coils used in the petro-chemical, refinery and industrial applications using all kinds of configurations such as helical, bayonet serpentine and pancake configurations. Pipe coiling is another specialty of ours and many companies have called on us to produce them and we have answered the call. For over 20 years, Bend-IT, Inc. has been producing these types of coils, custom order to strict specifications as required for the individual client.

We can provide you with bending of the pipe only for your assembly and welding or we can provide a complete unit, welded, tested and ready for your field or shop installation. And when you need a completed heating or cooling coil assembly, you can count on use for quality fabrication, x-ray quality welding, particle testing, hydro testing, bracing...what ever your need, we can make it happen.  

Our goal is to produce an efficient product that meets your demands and get it to as quickly as possible. Once we receive an order for pipe coiling, no time is wasted in producing a product that will be exactly what ordered.

For more than 20 years, Bend-IT, Inc. has earned a reputation for doing things fast and accurately. Many businesses consider us the best custom metal bending company around. President and owner Tom Young has 30+ years of custom metal bending and coil fabrication experience. All of the supervisors and many of the metal fabricators and the bending technicians at Bend-IT Inc. have at least 15 years of experience bending and fabricating heating and cooling coils.  If you need pipe coiling, pipe rolling , hot bending or any other type of custom metal bending, make Bend-IT, Inc. your first and only call.  


If you need to request a quote or have a question about pipe coiling, call 713-991-0745, fax 713-991-0827 or email us at . You may also contact President Tom Young for additional comments at the same number or send an email to  ..


Enjoy Pipe Coiling Perfection by Partnering with Bend-IT, Inc.

From helical to bayonet serpentine configurations, Bend-IT, Inc. can be counted on to provide you with the proper high quality Pipe coiling configurations you require in your business. We have been relied on by a number of companies in numerous industries for the past two decades and will continue to provide nothing short of high quality custom metal bending solutions. Undoubtedly, partnering with us will allow you to enjoy exceptional solutions from a company that cares about your success.

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When you need custom metal bending done right...and you need it done right now...your best bet is to Send It to Bend-IT!

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Our Advantages

Bend-It, Inc. specializes in metal bending for a variety of industries. Some of our advantages include:

  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Dependability
  • Outstanding Reputation
  • Heating and Cooling Coil Fabrication
  • Bending for Architectural Applications
  • Custom Oil Field Bending
  • Custom Pipe Bending

And More