Cool or Heat Your Tanks with Helical Coils from Bend IT, Inc.

When industrial companies need heating and cooling applications for alkaline solutions, acid solutions, rinse tanks or to replace plug/rack heating elements, helical coils are the answer to the problem. Bend IT, Inc. in Houston considers helical coils one of their specialties and has the experience and equipment to fabricate 8” s80 pipe seamless stainless pipe coil or custom made helical coils. We offer bending only without fabrication for completition at your facility, or we can can provide a completely fabricated and tested unit that will be ready for installation.

We specialize in rolling and fabricating helical coils. Our experienced workers will roll the pipe for your fabrication or we will build your coil applications that that are fully welded and tested ready to go to work. We have capabilities and the experience to take care of your coil needs up to 8” pipe. Whatever you want in terms of design and specifications, Bend IT, Inc. will custom bend it for you.

We ask that when you request a quote, please provide center line diameter, number of turns, left hand or right and turns, spacing, testing required and the extent of the request. We can roll the pipe only or provide you with full fabrication as well as welding, testing, reports and bracing for either shipping for send the unit ready to install and get to work.

Bend IT, Inc. will provide a fast turn around then you want custom metal bending done right and are in need of it quickly. For the past two decades, we have supplied helical coils, tube bundles , serpentine coils and the best pipe bending in Houston to the petrochemical, aerospace and oil industries as well as many other commercial and industrial clients. In addition to helical coils, we provide custom metal bending for angle rolling (leg in and leg out), channel rolling (easy way and hard way), flat bar rolling (hard way), I-beam rolling (easy way and hard way), round pipes and tubes, square tube rolling, omega loop bending, and pipe bending up to 8" Sch 80. We also provide coil fabrication for jacketed coil, bayonet coil fabrication, custom fitted coils, and more.

With extensive experience in the industry, Bend IT, Inc. has proven to be capable of providing quality helical coils and more to industries in record time. When we receive a request for service, we will react proactively and make custom metal bends and coil fabrication specific to the customers needs. Bend IT, Inc. is conveniently located for pick up and delivery and we make it our policy to maintain strong communication with the client, ensuring them that they will receive quality work each and every time.   With a solid management team and with most of our employees having worked at Bend IT, Inc. for 15 years or longer, our experience is almost unmatched by other pipe bending companies .

Our goal is to meet or exceed customer expectations. For more information, call 713-991-0745 or email . Also, if you have a request that requires special attention or if you want to give any type of feedback at all, please email .

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Boost Your Business with High Quality and Cost-Effective Helical Coils from Bend-IT, Inc.

[Posted on Mar 12]

Ensuring that your business succeeds now and well into the future will require close partnerships with suppliers you can trust- and when it comes to fulfilling your need for high quality helical coils you’ll want to make sure you establish a long-term partnership with the best of the best. In your case, your best bet to ensure you get the helical coil solutions you require at the prices you desire is to turn to Bend-IT, Inc.

Boost your business with high quality and cost-effective helical coils from Bend-IT, Inc. At Bend-IT, Inc. we know how to help our customers succeed. That’s because we have the pipe rolling experience, capacity, and talent necessary to deliver high quality helical coil solutions on a consistent basis. We understand the importance of quality and the negative consequences associated with rejected products, and for this reason we pay special attention to getting it right the first time. But it should also be recognized that although we make great efforts to deliver high quality solutions on a consistent basis, we also strive to provide turn-around times that are simply faster than the competition. We are aware of how much our customers appreciate solutions delivered as soon as possible, and in this regard there is no other custom metal bender that compares to Bend-IT, Inc.

Bend-IT, Inc. cares about the needs of our customers. If high quality helical coils and other rolled pipe solutions delivered on-time and at a fair price is what your business needs, then you can count on us to provide you with exactly that! But it should also be known that we go above and beyond what is usually expected from partners so that you can feel supported at all times.

Before taking a look at what other custom metal benders can provide, make sure you find out more regarding the tremendous value found in our helical coil solutions. You can learn more about our high quality and cost-effective custom metal bending solutions by simply browsing through the rest of our website. If you have any questions that can’t be answered from our website or if you’d like a quote for a specific custom metal bending solution, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly by phone or email.

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