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Purchasing 1D (short radius) and 1.5D (long radius) fittings for pipe fabrication has been the industry standard for years. These fittings are welded onto pipes and made into pipe “spools”. This has become an expensive process since the cost of producing and testing the welded fitting has skyrocketed. Larger radius bends, called 2D, 3D and 5D bends allow the product to flow more smoothly because there is less resistance, shorter distances to travel and a reduction in product flow due to the decrease in turbulence inside the pipes when compared to standard fittings.  As a result, there has been a higher demand for larger radius bends because they offer less cost for producing and testing pipe spools as well as increasing efficiency of fabrication. You may want to consider using 2D, 3D or 5D bends for your next piping project.   

So what does 2D, 3D or 5D mean? Let’s say you want to bend a 2” pipe, 90 degrees of bend on a 5D bend radius. The radius of the bend would be calculated as 5(D) x 2” Nominal pipe (2.375 OD) = 10” radius. 5D bends radius for 2” pipe is 10” CLR or Center Line Radius.

Generally, when companies need pipe bending in Houston for 5D bends, 3d bends or 2D bends, they need to locate a custom pipe bending company that can handle the job. If this is your project, you want to make sure the company you hire can actually do the work (no third party vendor) and you want a company with a reputation in the industry for producing quality work in a timly manner. You want a company who does what they say they will do and backs up that promise with action, and not tell you something you want to hear because it sounds good.

Bend-IT, Inc, has been servicing refineries, petrochemical industries, oil-fields, contractors and others with custom metal bending for more than 20 years. The owner and President, Tom Young has over 30 years of experience in the custom metal bending and fabrication industry.  In addition, the bending techs and fabricators at Bend-IT, Inc. are some of the most experienced in the business, some with over 15 years experience, and their mission is to provide the customer with 100% customer compliance and 100% on time delivery. As a result many of our clients have told us we are their only choice when they need bending and fabrication.  

When you need a fitting, you need to call a fitting distributor or manufacturer. When you need or if you are considering using a pipe bend, a 2D, 3D or 5D bend, you need to call a custom metal bending company. The first can only call you need to make is to Bend-IT, Inc. We can provide your custom metal bending needs with precision and professionalism. Also, we will work proactively once we receive an order, because we know that if you are like most of our clients, you needed it yesterday!  You want it done right, and you want it done right now! Bend-IT, Inc. is equipped to produce pipe bends that are made to order and on time. Our mission is to provide our clients with 100% customer compliance and 100% on time delivery.     


Additional Services Bend-IT, Inc does more than just provide 5D bends. We also provide coil fabrication for heating and cooling purposes as well as transferring heat in sulphur tanks, steam lines and condensation processes. Included under coil fabrication are:

For the best custom metal bending for 2D, 3D and 5D bends, Bend-IT, Inc. is the only call you need to make. To request a quote, or just to ask a question, call 713-991-0745, fax 713-991-0827 or email us at . If you wish to contact President Tom Young, you can call the same number of send an email to .


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Expect Nothing Less than the Highest Quality 5D Bends from Bend-IT, Inc.

[Posted on May 02]

Searching for partners to provide you with a product that is not only high quality, but which can be fabricated and delivered quickly can be a difficult endeavor, especially if you are looking for cost-savings. However, in the case of pipe bending, and especially in the case of long radius bends (such as 5d bends), Bend-IT, Inc. can provide you with high quality, cost-effectiveness, and shortened lead times!

You can certainly expect nothing less than the highest quality 5D bends, 3d bends, and other long radius bends from Bend-IT, Inc. Indeed, Bend-IT, Inc. has established itself as a pipe bending leader as far as quality, and this company’s customers (who happen to operate in a variety of industries including aerospace, oil and gas, petrochemical, and others) can certainly attest to this. It’s no secret that Bend-IT, Inc. strives to be 100% quality compliant with its customers, and has set up a number of procedures and management structures in order to be the best in the industry as far as delivering quality products. However, high quality bends isn’t the only characteristic which sets Bend-IT, Inc. apart from its competitors.

Aside from high quality, Bend-IT, Inc. also provides quick lead times for its clients, and it’s important to note that this pipe bending houston company always strives to be on time. Indeed, Bend-IT Inc. understands that some projects require parts and/or structures in through the door quicker than what is normal, but the team at Bend-IT, Inc has an attitude of complete dedication to the customer, and will no doubt do its best to have any 5D bends or other long radius bends order completed as soon as possible.

Last, but not least, cost-effectiveness can be found in the long radius bends service found at Bend-IT, Inc. We are confident that based on the quality and quick lead times offered, our prices are extremely attractive. Not only that, but you will receive the kind of customer service and attention which will surely help you to feel confident that your order will be completed expeditiously and with the highest quality possible. Be sure to find out more regarding our long radius and short radius bending service by continuing to browse through the rest of the Bend-IT, Inc. website. Also feel free to contact us directly by phone or email if you have any questions or would like to move forward with a specific bending solution.

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When you need custom metal bending done right...and you need it done right now...your best bet is to Send It to Bend-IT!

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